God in Modern Times

We commonly hear the phrase “Old Fashioned.” But is God old fashioned? Should people today still live by the commandments of God that are in the Bible? Should people still wait until marriage; or is marriage itself outdated? Does Hell actually exist? I assure you though society has changed, God has not changed. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). One thing to note about the Bible is that the majority typically were not the ones following God. In the Old Testament, the children of Israel were the people of God. In the New Testament, the Church are the people of God; and the Church still exists today. The Church of the Bible was founded with a supernatural experience in Acts chapter 2. The Bible itself is a testament of supernatural experiences with God.  The problem we are having today is many are not having a supernatural experience with God. There is no fear of God. Even some professing Christians do not follow His commandments. I encourage all to seek that supernatural experience with Him. I once believed that God did not move supernaturally anymore. But then I found out about Speaking in Tongues. Now I have to admit at first I was skeptical; but then I read Acts chapter 2 verses 1-4. I prayed for God to allow for me to have that experience. At that time I was not sure which church to go to; but I wanted to speak in tongues. I found out that the Apostolic Pentecostals believed in speaking in tongues. I finally received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. That experience validated the teaching of the Bible for me. So if you have any questions about God, I encourage you to seek that experience. A deeper study would show that speaking in tongues is a sign that someone has received the Holy Ghost. It is God’s intention that everyone have that supernatural experience when they first believe in Jesus Christ. Please consider the following scriptures: Acts 1:4-8|Acts 2:1-4|Acts 10:44-48|Acts 11:15-17 |Acts 19:2-6|Mark 16:16-17

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