Supernatural Healing

We at Abundant Life believe in Supernatural Healing. In the Bible, we find that not only Jesus, but His disciples healed the sick by using His Name. What some people don’t know is these type of occurrences still happen today. At Abundant Life, we’ve had a young child healed of cancer. One lady testified of being healed of an issue of blood. Once doctors found a growth on a man’s brain they believed to be cancer; and our Pastor prayed for him and the doctors could not find the growth anymore. I personally have seen people healed of thyroid issues, women’s wombs open who wanted to have children, people with injured backs testify of no pain, blood sugar return to normal, and cancer disappear. Many other healings have occurred also. The point is that healing still occurs today. We’d like the opportunity to pray for you. Please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you to have someone to come pray with you.

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