Remembering Pastor Ray

Pastor Bert A. Ray II took his rest September 1st, 2018 at 6:20pm. He was a mighty man of faith who lived to see souls converted through the Acts 2:38 message. He truly believed in winning souls to the Lord. Time will only tell the numerous lives he has touched. A day could not go by without him worrying about a soul. He taught young ministers that ministers are below the saints, not above them. Also he taught that the word “minister” actually meant “servant”. His philosophy was that if you wanted to be used of God you must first be a servant. Pastor Ray would tell people, “If God ever uses you, be humble.”  Heaven has truly gained a True Soul Winner.

As Abundant Life transitions, we remember Pastor Bert Ray. It was due to his ministry that there stands an Apostolic Church in Woodbridge, Virginia. He was the church’s second Pastor, after John Harris who founded the church. The future of Abundant Life will have Pastor Ray’s fingerprints all over it. Time will only tell the countless lives his ministry touched. He will always be remembered as a soul winner. His wisdom is in the minds of the Men, and Women he taught.

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