The Plan of Salvation

What is the Plan of Salvation according to the Bible? According to Jesus in John 3:3-5, you must be born again of Water and Spirit to enter into the Kingdom of God. So the question becomes, “What does He mean by Water and Spirit?” Well, the Water would be Baptism and the Spirit would beContinue reading “The Plan of Salvation”

Supernatural Healing

We at Abundant Life believe in Supernatural Healing. In the Bible, we find that not only Jesus, but His disciples healed the sick by using His Name. What some people don’t know is these type of occurrences still happen today. At Abundant Life, we’ve had a young child healed of cancer. One lady testified of being healed of an issueContinue reading “Supernatural Healing”

What Does the Bible Say About Speaking in Tongues?

Many people believe in speaking in tongues; but what does the Bible say about it. Interesting enough, speaking in tongues is a Biblical experience and should be expected by believers. The Jewish followers of Jesus believed speaking in tongues was the sign that someone had received the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:44-48).This is important because receiving the HolyContinue reading “What Does the Bible Say About Speaking in Tongues?”